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Why Write for MK-Mag?

Share Your Expertise

  • Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user, a vaping enthusiast, or an industry expert, your insights can contribute to the collective knowledge of our community. Share your expertise and help others on their wellness journey.

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Topics We’re Interested In

We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics related to CBD, vaping, and the organic lifestyle. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • CBD Insights: Explore the latest trends, research findings, and developments in the CBD industry.
  • Personal Experiences: Share your personal journey with CBD or vaping – how it has impacted your life, routines, and overall well-being.
  • Wellness Tips: Provide practical tips and advice for incorporating CBD into a holistic wellness routine.
  • Product Reviews: Offer honest reviews of CBD products, vaping gear, or related accessories, sharing your experiences to guide others in making informed choices.

Submission Guidelines

Original Content

  • All submissions must be original and not published elsewhere. We value fresh perspectives and unique insights.

Word Count

  • Aim for articles between 800 to 1,500 words. Ensure your content is well-researched and provides value to our readers.


  • Use clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points to enhance readability. Include relevant images, charts, or infographics if applicable.

Author Bio

  • Include a brief author bio (approximately 50 words) along with a high-resolution photo. Feel free to include links to your personal blog or social media profiles.

How to Submit

If you’re ready to share your insights with the MK-Mag community, please email your submission to [[email protected]]. We will review your submission and get back to you within [insert timeframe] regarding its status.

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